Corporate Social Responsibility

Taking overall responsibility is an important core value at Data Respons.

Data Respons aspire to be a responsible corporation in terms of labour standards, human rights and environmental protection. Furthermore, Data Respons encourages all stakeholders to follow the same policies and expect them to follow international conventions, such as human rights, as well as local legislations. The document outlines the group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies, and shall be a guideline for the employees as well as a directive for how Data Respons shall conduct its business. Data Respons’ CSR Policies are in accordance with the UN Global Compact Principles. Data Respons CSR policies

image of Bela Gran Jensen and an Afghan child.

To Give is to Receive

Since 1998 Data Respons has cooperated with the humanitarian organisation “On Own Feet”, which works with children in war-torn countries. The founder and general manager of the movement is Bela Gran Jensen. Read more about the foundation.

Examples of supported projects

  • Helped providing equipment and 20 tons of childrens clothing to Syrian refugees in Zaatari, Jordan and in Bulgaria.
  • Contributed to the reconstruction and equipping of the first Centipede school:  Hamid Karzani  school in central Pol-e Alam, Logar, Afganistan
  • Working on a project to provide running water to five schools:  Logar, Afghanistan.
  • Obsterical kits for midwifes and doctors: Logar, Afganistan
  • Sports and teaching equipment to the children from Logar in Afghanistan and provided the children with firewood for the winter.
  • Helped repair the swimming pool in the Psychiatric Hospital for Children in Oparany in the Czech Republic.
  • Equipment to a school for weak-eyed and blind children in the Czech Republic.

Data Respons Funds

Data Respons created two employee driven funds in 2013, Data Respons Fund and Data Respons Charity Fund. Through Data Respons Fund our employees can apply for contributions to good causes in their local community whether it it be a club, association or organisation. So far twenty different causes have received our support. Through Data Respons’ charity fund our employees can apply for funding to approved charitable organisations and societies and foundations they have a passion for helping.