• Nordic-to-Asian
    value Chain

    Bridge in Taipei

World Class production

Data Respons has established long-term strategic technology partnerships in Asia. The Asian partnership model has been developed over a period of ten years and an important milestone was reached in 2007 when Data Respons opened an office in Taiwan. Data Respons’ Taiwan office is responsible for logistics, project management, quality assurance and sourcing and works daily with our offices in Europe as well as with our Asian partners. Progress on time-critical processes at our Asian partner is monitored by our Taipei office on an hour-by-hour basis to ensure that no issue occurs that would affect our delivery performance. International freight providers are used to combine and optimise transportation either by air or sea.

Speed, Cost & Innovation

A key success factor for Data Respons is that we can deliver the benefits of faster development and production time, reduced cost and access to the latest
technology. Our local innovation and world-class production is the major benefit for our customers. Data Respons becomes a stepping stone into Asia
for our customers, where our presence ensures an optimal synthesis of local innovation, global production and cost effective logistics.