Strong order intake at Data Respons

"The reason for this positive development is recurring business with our main solution clients. This means an increase in the total number of solution units due to our clients' success in their respective end markets. Our clients in Telecom are particularly experiencing good growth at the moment. Data Respons is also experiencing a positive effect by supplying more of the solution to the individual client," says Kenneth Ragnvaldsen, Chief Executive Officer in Data Respons ASA. 
"The orders also confirm the trend of an increasing number of industrial concerns outsourcing development, system integration and deliveries of integrated data systems to companies like Data Respons. This enables them to focus on their core competence and customer-oriented product development," Ragnvaldsen concludes.
The typical solution is an integrated data system that constitutes the "brain" of an industrial product. It comprises numerous components from multiple suppliers, as well as specially developed and client-specific electronics/software. Data Respons supplies turn-key solutions that are integrated direct into the client's product/system. The lifespane of a solution is typically 3-5 years before it needs upgrading or replacing. Data Respons often plays a key role during this phase.
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