Data Respons' operating revenue in the 2nd quarter was MNOK 97.1 (62.1), a growth of 56 %. The groups operating result (EBITDA) was MNOK 5.3 (4.1) and the result before tax was MNOK 3.4 (3.4).
The order intake was MNOK 117.0 (77.0). The order reserve was MNOK 227.0 (132.0) by the end of the period.
Operating revenue for the first half year was MNOK 172.3 (111.6), a growth of 54 %. Operating result (EBITDA) was MNOK 8.6 (4.9) and the result before tax was MNOK 7.6 (3.6).
Data Respons reaches new heights
(Høvik, 13th July 2006) Data Respons again presents record-breaking figures in both the 2nd quarter and 1st half year. - All business areas are contributing and the order intake signals continued growth which indicates that we are well positioned in a growing Embedded Solutions market. Anyone wanting to keep up, need to be in top shape, says Kenneth Ragnvaldsen, CEO of Data Respons.
Increased growth
1st half year figures show a revenue growth of 54 %, increased operating result of 82 %, and growth of 72 % in the order reserve compared with last years figures.
- The order reserve is almost the double of last year amounting to NOK 227.0 million. In addition, this half years order intake of NOK 237.0 million is a company record, a book-to-bill ratio of 1,4. It is primarily the solutions segment that is filling the order books, says Ragnvaldsen.
Everyone contributes
All businesses are contributing to the growth in both the 2nd quarter and 1st half year. Sweden impresses with a growth of 61 % in the 1st half year, followed by Norway with 58 % and Denmark with 37 %. Finland is experiencing growth in the 2nd quarter and Germany is also developing satisfactorily.
- The growth rate is larger for our overseas operations, says Ragnvaldsen. In the 1st half year our subsidiaries grew with 61 %, while Norway grew with 58 %. However, Norway is still the ''show case'' in terms of the concepts potential and the expectations we have to our subsidiaries abroad.
Enormous market potential for large solutions contracts
Data Respons invested considerably in marketing activities and increased the sales force to ensure further growth.
- Data Respons succeeds with the largest customers, because we have become a strategic partner. We not only supply solutions, we take overall responsibility for important support functions like integration services, testing, logistics and shipment.

This is how we gain really large solution contracts, says Ragnvaldsen. Even though there is an influx of new and large solution customers, we are still scratching the surface as far as the potential of the solution market is concerned.
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Kenneth Ragnvaldsen, C.E.O., Data Respons ASA phone: +47 67 11 20 00 Mob: +47 913 90 918. Press releases, quarterly reports and presentations are located on www.newsweb.no
About Data Respons
Data Respons' vision is to become leading in Europe within 2010 on Embedded Solutions in the industrial market. Data Respons ASA supplies Embedded Solutions to leading OEM companies, system integrators and vertical product suppliers in a range of market segments such as defence, offshore, automation, medical equipment, surveillance, transport, telecommunications and other industries. Data Respons's customers include Ericsson, Nera, ABB, Brüel & Kjær, Tandberg, Anritsu and Saab.
Data Respons ASA is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (Ticker: DAT), and is part of the information technology index. The company has offices in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Germany. At the close of the 2nd quarter 2006 the company had a total of 167 employees.
More information on Data Respons ASA can be found on our website: www.datarespons.com