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Share options scheme and allocation of share options 2017

At Data Respons ASA annual general meeting on April 14, 2016 the Board of Directors was authorised to establish a share option scheme and grant options to key personnel employed by the company by a maximum total of 1 440 000 share options under the following terms:

- The share options shall be vested and allocated annually in three equal tranches over a three-year period, and can only be exercised after the three-year period.
- The strike price for one third of the share options granted shall be determined annually equal to market value at the beginning of each vesting period. The strike price will be reduced by the amount paid in dividends per share in the period between determination of market value and exercise date. In the event of any changes in the company's share capital through merger, demerger, repayment to shareholders, etc., the number of share options and/or the strike price will be adjusted in accordance with the generally recognised principles for such adjustments.
- Market value will be determined as the weighted average share price for the Data Respons share the 20 first trading days after the annual general meeting at the beginning of each of the three allocation years, the first time after the annual general meeting on April 14, 2016. The weighted average share price in the period of April 15 to May 13, 2016 was NOK 11.31
- The company may choose to issue new share or purchase own shares to meet the obligation of share options which are exercised.

The following primary insiders in the company have been allocated options under the first tranche according to the above and have, following this, the following number of shares and options in the company:

                                                                         Shares                        Options                      Total options
                                                                         owned                        allocated                     allotted
                                                                                                             2017                        2017-2019

Kenneth Ragnvaldsen (CEO)                               272 000                       200 000                      600 000
Rune Wahl (CFO)                                                72 000                        150 000                      390 000
Jørn E Toppe (COO)                                           214 937                        90 000                       230 000

For further information:

Kenneth Ragnvaldsen, CEO, Data Respons ASA, tel. +47 913 90 918.
Rune Wahl, CFO, Data Respons ASA, tel. + 47 950 36 046

About Data Respons
Data Respons is a full-service, independent technology company and a leading player in the IoT, Industrial digitalisation and the embedded solutions market. We provide R&D services and embedded solutions to OEM companies, system integrators and vertical product suppliers in a range of market segments such as Medical, Industry Automation, Smart grid/Smart home, Bank and Insurance, Automotive, Defence, Maritime, Energy and Telecommunications. 

Data Respons ASA is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (Ticker: DAT), and is part of the information technology index. The company has offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Taiwan.

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