General Meeting

The company’s highest decision-making body is the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Its tasks include electing the shareholders’ representatives and their deputies to the Board of Directors.

Every share carries one vote and all shares have equal rights. A shareholder is entitled to vote for the number of shares they own and which are registered in an account in The Norwegian Central Securities Depository (VPS) that belongs to the shareholder at the time of the annual general meeting. If a shareholder has acquired shares that have not been registered on the date of the annual general meeting, the right to vote for the acquired shares may only be exercised if the acquisition is reported to VPS and documented at the annual general meeting. Shareholders are entitled to have a proposal considered at the general meeting if the proposal has been submitted in writing to the Board of Directors at least 28 days before the meeting.

Shareholders are entitled to propose resolutions to matters that are treated by the general meeting. A shareholder may request that the Chairman of the Board and Managing Director on the General Meeting shall make available information about matters that could affect the approval of the financial statements and Board of Director’s report; matters submitted to shareholders for approval, the company’s financial position, including information on other companies in which the company has interests and other matters which the general meeting shall consider, unless the requested information cannot be disclosed without causing disproportionate harm to the company.

Downloads for the annual general meeting


The auditor attends the meeting of the Board at which the annual financial statements are scrutinised, and will also participate in several of the meetings of the audit committee.

The auditor also has procedures for reviewing the company’s internal controls with the Board. Specified remuneration for the auditor is disclosed in the notes of the financial statements.

Auditor for Data Respons ASA:

Ernst & Young AS
Leiv Aschehoug
Phone: +47 982 06 279

Nominating Committee:

Data Respons ASA has a nominating committee which is elected by the general meeting. The committee makes proposals to the general meeting regarding the election of shareholder elected members of the board and their renumeration.

Bård Brath Ingerø (Chair)
Fredrik Thoresen
Christian Dahl

Please forward any suggestions for new board members to the nominating committee.