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    The trend with increased automation, digitalisation and everything
    connected (IoT) fit well with our R&D services and solutions.


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    Data Respons delivers consultancy services, R&D development
    projects and experienced specialists with extensive industry knowledge.


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    of the industries of tomorrow

    We can develop everything from sensor level to the mobile app,
    making us a good partner for our customers with their digital transition.

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Drones and wireless video

Article from Interrupt Inside
Lately, drones have become very popular both as professional tools and for recreation and air sports competitions. In a series of articles we will present the different systems in a drone, including the ground support equipment.

We need more smart people

Smarter solutions demand smart people! We are hiring a number of development engineers to help create the technology our customers need!

New Interrupt Inside is out

Read in-depth technology articles written by Data Respons’ own R&D Specialist and published in the bi anually magazine Interrupt Inside.