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    Data Respons deliver R&D engineering services, software and hardware development,
    smarter embedded and IoT solutions.



    Reliable control system for Danish recycling system

    Dansk Retursystem manages a world class recycling system which retrieves, counts and sorts
    empty cans and bottles. An impressive 90 % is sent for recycling.  Data Respons Solutions deliver
    a customised and trustworthy central control system that ensures reliable operations 24/7.

  • Enabling the Young

    Young people are our future and we want to be a part of giving coming
    generations the best starting point possible and the ability to grow and
    prosper into educated, healthy and valuable individuals.


No Internet of Things without strong cyber security

The concept of IoT holds great potential: By connecting millions of devices to the internet we can save time and money and become more efficient, we can offer our customers more convenience, better service and much more. But no grand vision without a snake pit of problems: With the Internet of Things comes the Internet of Threats. We need to protect our new network-aware systems and devices. There will be no Internet of Things without a strong focus on cyber security.


Electrification and autonomous driving – the mega trends pushing the boundaries of wire harness design

Everybody is talking about autonomous driving and electric cars. However, not many are aware of the invisible helper making it all happen. It is the car’s nervous system – the cables and connections that make signals and data flow inside the vehicle, enabling the super sophisticated features of a modern, sensing vehicle. Say hello to the wire harness.Agile is the ability to create and respond to change. It’s about understanding the environment and situation you’re in, identify the uncertainty in front of you and figure out how to adapt to it.


Agile Teams – What are the benefits behind the buzzword?

How can we best respond to change and how do we deal with uncertainty? In 2001 a group of software developers got together to address this issue – the solution was a manifesto and 12 principles. Agile is the ability to create and respond to change. It’s about understanding the environment and situation you’re in, identify the uncertainty in front of you and figure out how to adapt to it.



Get on your bike and plant a tree!

Our colleagues at our subsidiary IT Sonix want to do something more than avoid CO2 from cars, they want to actively give back. Per 1000 km biked, the company will plant a tree in damaged forests around Germany. Meet Carolin Kohl and Anne Schüßler. They work for Data Respons subsidiary IT Sonix, in Leipzig, Germany and are two of a growing number of sustainability coordinators around the Data Respons group, and a part of IT Sonix’ sustainability team.



Sylog assists with development of ‘Aid To It’ platform during Corona crisis

Sylog is doing its bit in the ongoing Corona crisis, lending its support to the Aid To It project, which is developing an aid resource coordination platform. With great success already achieved in the ‘Hack the Crisis’ competition, further development is now on the cards. We spoke to Therese Hansson Rosenqvist from Sylog Väst to find out more about the project.



Becoming carbon neutral

Global emissions must fall by 7.6% every year from now until 2030 to stay within the 1.5°C ceiling on temperature rises that scientists say is necessary to avoid disastrous consequences. One of Data Respons’ core values is to take responsibility, and we acknowledge that slowing down climate change is one of the greatest challenges we need to take on in our time. 



The 2020s: the decade of software-defined mobility

Electrification, autonomous driving and all-embracing vehicle connectivity is fundamentally changing the way we move goods and people around, and the digitalisation of mobility has the potential to help us handle the huge challenges the world is facing regarding urbanisation, sustainability and climate change. No doubt, the 2020s will be the decade of software-defined mobility.


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