REPORT 2019



    of the industries of tomorrow

    Data Respons deliver R&D engineering services, software and hardware development,
    smarter embedded and IoT solutions.



    Reliable control system for Danish recycling system

    Dansk Retursystem manages a world class recycling system which retrieves, counts and sorts
    empty cans and bottles. An impressive 90 % is sent for recycling.  Data Respons Solutions deliver
    a customised and trustworthy central control system that ensures reliable operations 24/7.

  • Enabling the Young

    Young people are our future and we want to be a part of giving coming
    generations the best starting point possible and the ability to grow and
    prosper into educated, healthy and valuable individuals.


Covid-19 update

Fighting a global pandemic have been challenging for all of us, and have required a new mind set, closer collaboration and a whole lot of understanding. In connection with the COVID-19 outbreak, Data Respons has implemented precautionary measures and protocols based on recommendations from official health authorities, such as the World Health Organization (WHO).


90% treshold surpassed

As a result of acceptances of the Offer, acquisitions outside the Offer and previous acquisitions, as of 13 March 2020 AKKA owns or has received acceptances for a total of 69,667,008 shares, representing in total 92.26% of the share capital of Data Respons.


Mandatory offer on Data Respons

AKKA Technologies SE is today launching a mandatory offer on Data Respons ASA. The offer is set out in the offer document dated 6 March 2020 which has been approved by Oslo Børs, in capacity as take-over supervisory authority.



Meet Servet Coskun, who eats, sleep and breathe green technology!

Servet is a specialist electronics engineer working for Data Respons subsidiary TechPeople. He has his heart set on technology and sustainability, and in his spare time he started his own start-up company with the mission to make Vertical Farming competitive compared to conventional farms and greenhouses. To achieve this goal, Servet designed a self-driving robot gardener called Watney.



Smart radon detector helps reduce the risk of lung cancer

According to the Norwegian Cancer Society (NSC) radon is a contributing cause of 370 cancer cases in Norway each year, being the second most common cause of cancer next to smoking. The Norwegian technology company Airthings have created a range of smart real time radon detectors which let you monitor your fluctuating radon levels over time. Specialists from Data Respons contributed with expert SW knowledge throughout the product range.


data colloection to and from the cloud


The Internet of Insured Things
– IoT platform for preventive monitoring

Topdanmark, Denmark’s second largest insurance company, is developing an IoT platform to process and enrich sensor data coming from its customers. Based on the processed data the platform generates reports and trigger warnings, thus adding preventive monitoring to Topdanmark’s service portfolio. Data Respons subsidiary TechPeople contributed to the project with expertise and project management.



TechPeople named Gazelle Company 2019

TechPeople, a Data Respons R&D specialist company, has been named a Gazelle Company 2019 by the danish financial newspaper, Børsen. The title is given to fast-growing companies that have at least doubled their revenue over a four-year period. Kenneth Ragnvaldsen, in a Podcast published by DNB Markets. Listen to the full podcast (in Norwegian) on technology in cars and commercial opportunities


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